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About me

The world of visual art is a new one for me, since I have a master’s degree in music and have been a teacher, performer and church musician for many years.  I am continually surprised by the differences and similarities in musical and visual arts.  For example, I find that I am drawn to shapes and lines that express flow, repetition, rhythm, and variations of color and texture.

Most of my work is inspired by the shapes, lines, and patterns found in nature, such as leaves, flowers, birds, and sea creatures.  Including these in my work provides a way to honor the beauty, and fragility, of the natural world. 

I am also inspired by the Scandinavian Modernist artists of the second half of the 20th century.  The graceful and flowing lines, along with a pared-down simplicity, always evoke my admiration.  I hope that my work will speak in a similar way to those who view it.

My work is fabricated in gold, sterling silver, brass, bronze, copper, and steel.  The processes of shaping metal, texturing surfaces, and adding color are magical to me.  They have opened a whole new exciting world for me filled with exploration and experimentation.


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Little Rock, Arkansas USA