Fine Silver Heart-Shaped Pendant




This pendant In fine silver has humble beginnings indeed! Its pattern was a leaf from the ground cover in my yard. I had been looking at the fun, little heart-shaped Leaves and finally decided to see how one of them would look in silver! The veins of the leaf came out sharp and clear in the precious metal clay I was working with. Now it is ready for you to wear or purchase for a loved one!

The pendant is 1 1/2ā€ (38mm) long and 1 3/16ā€œ (30mm) wide with an 18′ sterling silver double twisted rope chain. A 20″ chain can be substituted at the same price. If you prefer a 20″ chain, just send me a message.

NEW! Gift wrapping is now available. See the photo that shows the standard box in which all purchases are mailed, plus two gift wrapping options. If you want one of these two wrapping options, you can check that box at check out. I will send you an email to be sure I wrap your package with your preference!



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