Keum Boo Textured Triangle Earrings




These earrings are part of my Stud to Statement Collection and are perfect for today’s professional woman! You can wear just the post with your mask and add the drop for your Zoom meeting to add a more polished, professional look.

The drop attaches to the post by a loop at the end of its chain. (Some customers will see a short video of this as part of an Etsy Beta project. If you do not see a video, I will be happy to send it to you directly!)

These triangular earrings are made of fine silver with added 23 karat gold. The Keum boo process uses heat to fuse the 23 karat gold to fine silver.

The overall earring length is 1 7/8” (44mm), the drop is 7/8” (22mm) long and 7/8” (22mm) wide, and the post is 5/8” (15mm) by 5/8” (15mm).

The chain attached to the drop is gold-filled metal. Gold-filled metal has a thick gold plating, thick enough that it never wears off like normal gold plating does. You get the solid gold effect without the solid gold price.

NEW! Gift wrapping is now available. See the photo that shows the standard box in which all purchases are mailed, plus two gift wrapping options. If you want one of these two wrapping options, you can check that box at check out. I will send you an email to be sure I wrap your package with your preference!

November 20-December 18, 2020 12% of sales will be donated to the Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas.



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